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4.8/5 Overall Rating

Orkin’s long history in pest management, its dedication to education and training, and the services they provide make it an excellent company to work with, and that’s why our reviewers have selected it as the Best Overall pest company for 2022.

  • Founded: 1964
  • Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Availability: 47
  • Services: Door-to-door, open carrier and enclosed carrier, international, and expedited shipping
  • Type of company:
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating: A+
  • BBB customer review score: 4.9/5.0


    • A+ BBB rating
    • Orkin’s 60 day guarantee is hard to beat.
    • Customers routinely praised Orkin's technicians for their punctuality and professionalism, and for being knowledgeable about pests and treatment options.
    • Orkin offers comprehensive expertise against a huge variety of pests.
    • Products used have been extensively tested
    • Trusted brand
    • Available in all 50 states
    • Provides a money-back guarantee during the first 30 days of service
    • Orkin’s commitment to reliable service, technician training, and innovative treatment has made it a leader in the industry.
    • Offers online quotes and a library of pest resources
    • In business since 1901, holding more than a century of experience
    • Outstanding customer service


    • Orkin backs up its work, but it is an outlier in the industry by not offering a free eyes-on inspection.
    • Despite expressing appreciation for Orkin’s field workers, some customers faulted their technicians for not being thorough in inspection or treatment.
    • While it does provide some eco-friendly approaches to pest control, Orkin doesn’t have as strong a commitment to green treatments as some other companies.
    • Orkin has expanded in part by franchising its brand, a practice that has been known to lead to problems with quality.
    • Slightly more expensive
    • Free inspection not offered
    • No live chat available for digital customer service.
    • Does not offer free or discounted initial inspections

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